Fail resolutions

As we are in mid-January, I was thinking of what my new year’s resolutions should be for 2019, but the truth is, I don’t have any major once this year. You might think, oh she is not into that stuff. Don’t be fooled, I am so into that stuff, I will usually go and get … More Fail resolutions


I have always been into fashion for as long as I can remember. I think my whole purpose of playing with dolls and barbies as a kid, was to changed their outfits over and over again. I didn’t have control over my own wardrobe until I turned 16 (kind of late don’t you think), since … More Bargainista

Hello Anxiety

This is a topic that is kind of sensitive and difficult to talk about but the whole point of this blog was to be honest and open and therefore wanted to share my journey with Anxiety. I truly believe that, once you open up about anxiety it’s easier to overcome it. I recently realized I had … More Hello Anxiety

Inside and Outside

“Motivate the mind; the body will follow” Warning, I am no pro at this topic but I can talk about this for hours: working out. I have always incorporated some kind of workout through my life and thought I share some if my tips. I grew up in a very active family, my dad has always … More Inside and Outside

What will people say

I won’t lie, that line till this day haunts my mind “what will people say about you” . Growing up with “desi” parents (Bengali, Indian Pakistani etc) what people were saying about us was more important to our parents than how we actually were feeling or doing. That’s just the way it was in our … More What will people say

I became a Mama

06.29.2016 will probably forever be the day my life changed. Many parents/moms did tell me, that once I have a child my life was about to change. And oh boy, it sure did but I also feel like I changed a lot after having Milan (for the better). So why did I suddenly decide to … More I became a Mama