Mental pregnancy health

When you look at me I doubt you associate me with a fitness mom. I really don’t look or dress like a fitness person right now. I love workout gear in general but I am currently steeling all my husbands oversized t-shirts for my workouts. I don’t want to spend too much on workout gear this time. I did invest in a new athletic swim suit, only because my regular one was too tight (my boobs are currently huge and killing my back).

I do believe that investing in new chic workout gear can boost how you feel about yourself when you work out. But this time around, I am fine with whatever hubby has in his closet, I just rather put my money on something else.

In my last pregnancy I gained about 45 lb. and I went to the gym until week 39 (back then no toddler and much more time after work) until my feet started to hurt. This time I waited until week 20 until I started to workout again, before that I was mainly trying to survive the day. However, as soon as I got back into it, I started to mentally feel so much better and slowly gaining my strength and energy back. I was very weak the first week and could barely lift a 3 lb. weight more than a few reps. Now 6 weeks after I feel much stronger and back in my same weight class as before. I have a tendency to gain weight fast and maybe it has to do with my metabolism. The main reason I like to workout right now is how it affects my mental health (in a good way), my energy levels and I also like to keep my workout routines so that once I go back after the baby it won’t be as hard (and it’s kind of a me-time).

IMG_1552 (1).JPG
This was me 39 weeks pregnant with Milan.

I am going to be honest and mention that I am slight obsessed with fitness and how I look, which can also be very harmful. I think I had pictured myself looking a specific way as a pregnant person, but reality is that I obtain a lot of water when I am pregnant so I end up swelling up a lot. My fingers can barely fit my rings anymore and my shoes are already tight.  However, I had a few talks about this topic with my friend who made me realize I was obsessing about it too much and not embracing the body the way it is. So I am trying let it go and I as thankful as I am for this gift inside me (truly am), we have to be honest about how our appearance affects us sometimes even if it feels like taboo mentioning it in times you should be grateful. As I mentioned in my anxiety post, talking about everything with someone just puts things in perspective.

However, my point is that working out in general is great for your body, mind and soul and same goes (at least for me) when you are pregnant. I am not the person who runs or does a lot of cardio during pregnancy but focus more on the strength part. My only version of cardio would be a 20 min treadmill walks (I hate treadmill walks so I keep them short, I find them so extremely boring) and swim once a week.

7DD4D102-EE6E-459D-B969-180B82D542AC (1).JPG
This is me at 26 weeks and feeling more like 32 weeks. 

This pregnancy has been a little more difficult than my last one, since I unfortunately can’t sleep well at night and experiencing a lot of back pain during nighttime. But I can truly feel how big of a difference it does to my mental health by working out a few times a week. I also get energy to take care of an toddler after work before I crash in bed. The one thing I wish I would incorporate in my daily routine would be more yoga and stretch, but I am trying to spend 10 min before going to bed (I should probably do that as I type).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not spending hours and hours at the gym like last pregnancy. I literally squeeze it in when I find time and that has been my workout life when I became a mom (15-30 min workout).  Also have in mind, not every woman should exercise during pregnancy, only your healthcare provider can decide if you should or shouldn’t.

I prefer to work out in the morning, but if I can’t I will pack a bag and go after work and before pickup. The days I do late workouts, I usually don’t get to shower until after Milan’s bedtime, but that’s still OK and my steamy hot shower counts like “me-time” for that day (Yes, I need a little me-time every day).

Type of workout I squeeze in the morning:

Tone it up App:
If you are not aware of the tone it up app, it is a great chic girly app with videos, workout routines and meal plans with recipes. I never used it until I got pregnant, since my workout style is better the Sweat app (bbg program with Kayla Itsines). However, their pregnancy part has been great since you can pay a monthly fee and get access to all the videos. The videos are not more than 10-30 min and since the instructor is also pregnant she takes enough water breaks and helps you find your own pace.

Kayla Itsines Instagram feed (not the app):
I love Kayla’s Sweat app and that’s how I stayed in shape after Milan, but it’s way too intense for this pregnancy and now that Kayla herself is pregnant she post weekly videos on her Instagram feed which has been super helpful when you needs ideas for what type of exercise to do.

Pintrest Pintrest Pintrest:
I love Pintrest (a lot) and they have these great pictures where you can get an idea of what type of workout to do. I have my own pin board that I just pull up when I need fast ideas of what type of workout to do.

How I squeeze in my workouts:

  1. Wake up 7 am (Ideally I should wake up at 6.30 am BUT I CAN’T, so freaking tired everyday) and put on a Tone it up 25 min workout. My favorites are a full body barre class or anything with dumbbells. I will also mention that Milan wakes up at the same time, so I have his iPad ready, for those 30 min while I get my workout in. Yes, he gets morning screen time but so totally worth it! I usually never have time to stretch, which is a bad thing but I will try to be better at doing that at night before bed.
  1. Wake up 7 am (again, if only I could wake up earlier that would be more ideal) and put on my gym clothes and then get my son ready for school. I am lucky enough to be able to have time to work out before work (my gym and work is very close to my house). But ideally, I leave for the gym after making his breakfast and when my hubby can do school drop offs.

All of this might change once I have baby number two and I will most likely write a new post about how I squeeze it in at that point of my life.

What equipment I have at home:

  • 2 sets of dumbbells –  3 lb. and 5 lb
  • Booty band
  • Ankle weights
  • Exercise resistant band

Planning to eventually add:

  • 10 lb kettlebell
  • 8 lb. dumbbells

Obviously my morning routines are not ideal for everyone. Not everyone have the ability or time to work out before going to work but I am just sharing my own experience. However, my point is if you want to make it happened, it don’t have be complicated. Get a 25 min or even 15 min intensive workouts in a few times a week, at home or at the gym. Why not a 30 min walk during lunch? That’s my next plan as soon as the weather is a little nicer while I listen to my favorite podcast.









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