The Social media detox

I have been active on social media for a long time, I remember a platform called Lunarstorm back in high school/college (maybe it was a Swedish thing) but my social media use nowadays and back 20 years ago were very different, however the addiction was the same. The main difference was probably that we used to need access to a computer and internet connection to go on these platforms. Sometimes I would go to the library just to get access to internet to be able to check my email or social media, whereas these days you can check your account at every red light you hit through your smartphone.

One of my resolutions this year (and every year) is to be less active on my phone, and recently I have noticed my son reminding me if I leave my phone behind “mommy you forgot your phone” (that is pretty sad).

I know this resolution is hard for me personally, since I am truly addicted to my phone and it is basically a part of me, wherever I go this little device goes with me at all times, even if no one ever calls me these days.

I have decided I want to start this resolution by a small challenge for myself for one week. The social media app I am always on is probably Instagram. I do want to clarify that I have no intention to remove myself from social media, because I do enjoy following my friends and their cute kids, however, I need a week of detox and see how it affects my life.

I am very interested in health in general when it comes to fitness and food detox, so a detox from social media can be healthy for me. I am more curious what I would do when I am not browsing through the Instagram feeds. I think most of my wasted time on Instagram is on people I don’t know, I can get stuck on a random feed and just like that you wasted 1 hour of your life.


My goal is to have dedicated time during the day when I am on social media and once I come home from work, totally disconnect from my phone (as if). That is my future goal but I am I am not there yet.

My plan is to start today and I can tell you that I have already failed 8 times as my finger automatically go to the Instagram app without me even thinking. For some people this might sound like a stupid and easy challenge, but since I already tried to log in 8 times, I am fully aware of my addiction and excited to see what other things I would do when I am not on the app. Maybe I’ll think for once or look what’s around me, listen to that sound book that I have not been able to finish or maybe it won’t have an effect at all, who knows.


One thought on “The Social media detox

  1. haha! bravo! det är inte så mycket tiden man vinner på att ej göra som det är den inre ro av att inte se och bry sig om andra. det är som att sitta i en evig japansk trädgård att ej ha instragram


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