Are you a Supermom?

Have you ever used the word “Supermom” in a sentence? Once in a while I will say something like: “I did not do that, I am no supermom” or “Omg how does she do it all, she is a supermom”. Me and my best friend will joke about this term and it made me think. What is the definition of a supermom and who decides what a supermom is? Is there such thing as a supermom and how is she different from a regular mom?

So I started by googling the word “Supermom” and this is what was found, which by the way is a little disturbing.


“Successfully manages a home” , what does that even mean? Cooking and cleaning? What if I have a cleaner, does that count or am I supposed to do all that by myself. And “brings up children while also having a full-time job”. I found that part the most disturbing, whoever wrote that quote obviously have never spent a full week with a child 24/7.

If I think of my version of a  “Supermom”, how would I describe her? Well, I think everyone has a different view of what defines their icon of a person who apparently can do it all. My personal view if probably moms that looks very put-together and still manages to have a successful career and somehow getting promoted every year and also have kids that don’t watch iPad and also eat their vegetables at the same time they are quoting Shakespeare poems in Latin at age 2.5. No, seriously, what is a supermom?

In the definition they mention, someone who works full time. Is that not a little disturbing to you? Do you know how much child care costs in the US? I am a full time working home who has a child in a overpriced daycare, but i would work any day cause I don’t think I have the energy to be a stay home mom. Also, not everyone can afford spending thousands of dollars at childcare and have no option than to stay at home.

In my opinion, stay home moms are way more supermoms than working moms. I mean, imagine have to entertain these small people 24/7. At least when I drop off my child and bye, I go and grab my large coffee and sit by my desk in peace. I love my son, more than life itself and it was a gift from God to become a mom. HOWEVER, I don’t have the Monday blues at all, cause I don’t mind getting that lunch break 5 days a week. But that’s just me, and that unfortunately sounds very selfish and not very supermom’ish. Obviously being a working mom is very stressful too and there are days I just want to be in pj’s and watch TV with my son. But either way I don’t think you can define a supermom by what occupation she has or how she decides to raise her child, home or not home.

Is a supermom a person who loves their child more than a regular mom? Is she more active and energetic with her kids? Does she make home cooked meals every night (not cheating and getting Chick Fil A or takeout once in a while….ops)?

Is a supermom a mom whose kids who don’t have tantrums? In this case, should it not be the opposite, should a mom with a tantrum kids not get the the supermom trope? I mean c’mon, she really deserves it, imagine the level of patience you need for that.

Is a supermom a mom who’s kid never tasted sugar and begs for broccoli or someone who sits still at restaurants and talk to their parents? I mean, you would totally judge me if you saw me and my husbands methods at the restaurant so we can eat out in peace.

This little person cannot sit still more than 10 min so we found a solution that works for us 🙂

The bottom line is, I AM NOT A SUPERMOM, or am I? Aren’t we all supermoms, after all we are raising little human beings and doing our best to keep them alive. We are giving up our freedom so we can sit at home every Friday night with chips and watch Netflix (which btw is my favorite thing ever). I mean that makes us all supermoms, right? If you are raising a human being, you are basically a super person.

Whether you have one child, or four children (whyyy do you have 4 children, I can barely manage my second pregnancy and how rich are you?). I think we are all super moms whether you are working full time or dedicate 24/7 to raise your child at home. I think you are a supermom, if you have a full time nanny at home or a grandma who takes care of your child (good for you, now how do I get that life?)

So maybe we should bury that “stupid” term and just see us as “Mamas” who are doing our best in hope that one day our kids will grow up happy and healthy, chase their own dreams and create a nice future for themselves. We should support every mom out there however they choose to raise their own child (except if you are beating your kids, I ain’t supporting that).

I do have moments when I do feel like a “supermom”, when I manage to workout and do school drop off and still be on time to work and then make a super healthy dinner that my child loves for once, pack his lunch the night before and then make my child fall asleep within 10 min so I can watch another episode of one of my Netflix shows (YES,  that’s what I do everyday, OK!). That’s my superhero moment. Meanwhile, the next day, I am late for work, my son cries on the way to school cause I picked the wrong shoe that he didn’t want to wear, I drop my coffee on my new boots and I am late to pick up for a hangry overtired child (who didn’t nap btw or eat his lunch) and hates the dinner I made and takes 1,5 hours to sleep cause he suddenly is just not tired and I end up falling asleep with him and waking up at 11.30 PM total beat and crash on my bed.

Yes, I have those nights too, but that too makes me a supermom, right?


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