My 10 best buys of 2018


  1. My super Vacuum – my precious Dyson vacuum that I decided to finally purchase (after debating if it was too overpriced) ended up being my favorite thing I bought 2018. I used to hate vacuuming but with this modern cordless thing, vacuuming is almost fun. Vacuuming used to be always be a process for me before I purchased the Dyson, so I think it was totally worth the money. The only con would be that you have to charge it after 30 min, so when that 30 min charge is done, the vacuum just shuts off, but it’s still worth it since we have it charges all the times when I am not using it.
  1. Water bottle with a straw – I have one at home and one at work. My goal is to drink at least 2-3 bottles a day (mine is 32 oz.) and I have experienced that when you have a straw cup it’s much easier to drink water through the day. Water is magic, it will make your hair and skin healthier and you will overall feel much better (even if you have to run to the restroom much more often).
  1. Milk foam maker – After our wonderful CA trip last summer, we stayed in an Airbnb which had this milk foam maker that I got obsessed with and purchased  as soon as I came home. I use it every weekend and it’s just more fun to offer your guests a cappuccino or latte instead of a plain coffee. There is just a luxury feeling with foam if you ask me.
  1. Card holder – I never thought I would become a person who doesn’t carry a purse around, cause my best friend growing up was that specific person and I could never relate to her. Now after having kids, I don’t like to carry bags that much, so my cardholder was the best thing for me. I also like that it don’t take much space the time I do carry one. I got this one at mother’s day from my husband and its part of the 4 things I have in my pocket (or purse), my card holder, phone, keys and chapstick. If I have these four I am good to go anywhere. My to go chapstick is one and this one.
  1. Shampoo –  I have had balayage (or maybe it’s more like partial highlights) for many years and after a long summer in the sun, my highlights tends to get very dry. I have tried a few different shampoos but this brand probably is my favorite for 2018. I also love their hair mask that I sometimes put in before going to bed or before I go swimming. I don’t use conditioner in the shower (also saves me time) and use this one (a leave-in-cream) when my hair is damp.IMG_6870.JPG
  1. Diaper bag organizer – So If you saw my Maria Kondo Instagram story the other day, you could see I am on a mission to organize my whole house, and I have a long way to go. My house is very clean but totally messy inside all the cabinets and drawers. Therefore, I have this as a project for January/February to organize all my hidden spots in my house (I will make a whole post about it once it’s completed). That being said, my diaper bag was always a mess and I hated the fact that I could never find anything when I actually had to change his diaper. So I started to  YouTube for solutions and came across these colorful pouches that has really worked for me. All the pouches are color coordinated and as chic as it is to have it all in gray, having them in bright colors really helped me to know what’s in what pouch. So if you are having a hard time finding stuff in your diaper bag, this is a great solution that worked for me.
  1. Kitchen step stool – Initially I thought this was the worst buy (Since he did not want to step on it and still be on my lap for the first few months after I got it) but this has become one of my favorite (thank GOD because my arms were dying). Now Milan loves to stand on it and help me out in the kitchen. I have seen people do IKEA hacks and build this on their own, but let me tell you, I am not handy and neither is my husband. So if you are tired of lifting your toddler this was a great solutions for us. The reason we could not use a regular chair, is because our toddler has ants in his pants and would probably fall down from a regular chair (or jump).
  1. Anastasia brow products – If there is something I wish I had, that would be nice eyebrows. I have to fill them out at all times (my biggest insecurity). However, my cousin introduced me to these Anastasia brow products that have been a life saver. I love this one with the pencil, or this one and this one (I use color Chocolate).
  1. Hair removal friend – Yes, I have hair on my face and I have removed it for many years using different methods. I started to bleach my facial hair in college and then I moved on to threading it, which was a painful process (I hated it) until I found this little thing that has been a life changer, its pain-free and the hair is not visible until 2 weeks (at least for me). It’s cheap and after a few months I get a new one. You can get them from amazon or target and I love any process that is pain free. I am actually in a process or doing laser under my arms, but had to stop due to pregnancy. The goal is to do as many areas as possible in the future.
  1. Orange juice maker –  This has been a lifesaving tool for our family during the winter months, or whenever anyone has a cold. Also Milan think it’s his part time job every morning. It’s easy to use and easy to clean and a tip is to add grated ginger and you are free from a cold in no time.

Do you have any products that you loves last year? Share any tips on what you think I should buy in 2019.



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