Fail resolutions

As we are in mid-January, I was thinking of what my new year’s resolutions should be for 2019, but the truth is, I don’t have any major once this year.

You might think, oh she is not into that stuff. Don’t be fooled, I am so into that stuff, I will usually go and get a new chic (overpriced) calendar every year and start writing things down and make everything color coordinated (it usually last for 3 months…ok fine one month). And then, I have the same usual goals every damn year:

  1. Get that flat belly
  2. Eat healthy bla bla
  3. Go to yoga once a week
  4. Less phone and read more books

I am so over these same resolutions this year, so I decided to be more realistic for 2019 since this is going to be a year I can’t plan fully due to having a second baby. The desire to hit the above resolutions is always going to be there, but this year my only resolution is to be balanced. By that I mean:

  1. Get that flat belly – This goal is a little different for 2019,since I don’t expect to hit this goal this year. But instead I plan to keep exercising during my pregnancy so I can keep my routines of going to the gym (as much as I can) and to stay healthy but also do my best to get back on track once the baby comes.
  2. Eat healthy bla bla – I am a huge snacker and I hate any type of diets. So for 2019 I have decided just to add some healthy food every day, whether it’s a half of avocado (the other half goes to Milan) or adding a veggie or fruits to my daily intake, taking my supplements and drinking tons of water.
  3. Go to yoga once a week – This is a fail goal that I have never been able to maintain for more than 2-3 weeks, so I am just going to ignore it. I heard that meditation is good for the baby, so I’ll try that instead at home before bedtime.
  4. Less phone and read more books – If I can learn to be less on my phone, I don’t care about any of the other resolutions. I don’t really know what I do on my phone all day, mainly it’s Instagram, amazon, random shopping sites and blogs and articles. But all I know, I am spending way too much time on that devil device. I am a phone addict and I want to learn to live more in the presence, but I have a long way to go. But I shall try to find ways to get better at it.


If you were a phone addict like me and have found ways to get yourself away from it, please let me know how you did it because I have a huge pile of books and projects at home that I rather spend my time on.

So maybe I do have resolutions after all, but the main thing is to be more realistic and learn to live in the moment. Are you a resolutions person? Please share any tips and ideas with me.


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