When three becomes four

I know it’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. As I decided to start blogging again (last fall), I felt insanely motivated and inspired to do something new in my life and write about my everyday stuff that I come across. However, October came and we found out I was knocked up and somehow everything changed. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, but the thing is, I am pretty dramatic as a pregnant person and this pregnancy definitely feels way more dramatic than my last one.

I threw up for 8 weeks straight, and currently I am constantly hungry stage, and when I say constantly, I MEAN CONSTANTLY. In my last pregnancy, I don’t remember eating my lunch and instantly feeling hungry on the way out the door from the restaurant as I am planning my next snack for the next hour. If I don’t chew or drink something constantly I feel like the world will go under. So do you think I am dramatic yet?

Anyway, I went through a pretty rough first trimester, which also required me to ask my mom to drop her life in Sweden and fly in to the USA to save me for a few weeks.

Before I started this blog, I had a vision of how I wanted my blog to look like, but at this moment, I am taking a small break from adding cute pictures with my posts, since I probably will never blog if I am waiting to add over-filtered perfect pictures. I will come back to it one day but currently at the moment I still want to continue sharing my journey of motherhood (if there is at least one person who ends up reading this). I have been a little MIA (missing in action) from the world at this moment, but trying to spend the few hours of energy I have left after work with my family. It is strange how different this pregnancy is from the last one. I can barely remember what week I am on, and it’s going way faster than last time. Don’t get me wrong, we are so so so excited for this baby, it’s a true miracle that I am happy to have in my life right now, but to compare one pregnancy to the other, they feel totally different. I just wish for one thing, a healthy little baby!

Am I a little scared with the transition from one to two? Well, I think every mom out there with more than one child has told me that things will change a lot with kid number two. So I am definitely aware that life will change even more that before, but I also am happy that this will complete my little family.

This time I am more ready for a little tornado as you enter e new person into our lives. Sometimes when I have a hectic day I try to understand, how the **** are we going to add another person into our life schedule. This is currently me (kind of) on a normal day:

*Wake up – my child is my alarm clock
*Get Ready
*Get Child Ready
*Make Beds –  I am annoying about this, since I don’t leave the house unless beds are done.
*Chase child to put on Socks
*Chase child who took off his socks
*Pack daycare bags with lunch
*Pack snacks
*Inhale some breakfast yourself
*Chase child to put on his jacket – negotiate/bribe
*Drop off
*Get child to get off your leg as you trying to exit the school
*Oh no, what’s for dinner?
*Bribe the Child that he will get chocolate milk after dinner
*Prep dinner that he probably will eat 25% of
*Bath/Shower time
*Story time
*Another story time
*Another Story time
*Threaten you child that you will leave if he don’t stop asking for another book
*Accidentally pass out with your child – Oh no you are zombie, as you wake up after a full hour of your precious YOU-time
*Look at that to-do list that you were supposed to do after he went to bed
*Ignore the list and fall on the couch and ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OK, maybe this is a little tiny exaggerated. Me and my husband always end up watching shows after he goes to bed. But I have not figured it out yet, the math does not add up at this moment. A lot of my friends who already have a second or third kid, they manage, I guess you just figure it out. And if you wonder if I am scared, I am a little terrified. My husband on the other side seems way too comfortable with this math issue (thank God someone is). Don’t get me wrong, as negative and pathetic as I sound, I am extremely excited and feel super duper blessed (promise).I am just a tiny nervous, that’s all.

But at some point, we will figure it all out, I know it. That’s the beauty of life.

Tiny miracle



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