I have always been into fashion for as long as I can remember. I think my whole purpose of playing with dolls and barbies as a kid, was to changed their outfits over and over again. I didn’t have control over my own wardrobe until I turned 16 (kind of late don’t you think), since my parents would buy most of my clothes.

Once in a while, especially before school-started my family would go for a shopping trip, where my parents mainly hung out at the sales rack in any store (bargain, bargain bargain was their philosophy). I don’t know how popular the fruit of the loom sweatshirt were in the US, but back in Sweden in the 90s, that sweatshirt was THE item to own (obviously I did not own it, $20 sweatshirt was out of the question). Thankfully, I used to borrow a lot of clothes from my girlfriends and managed to stay somehow “hip” in school. My mom used to buy a lot of my clothes from second hand shops, which back then was kind of embarrassing, whereas now days  we call it “vintage”.

The coolest shoe brand to own was a pair of FILA sneakers, and somehow I convinced my dad to get me a pair (on sale, duh) and even that he managed to ruin somehow, by telling me I needed to get a size 8 (I am size 6, and have been size 6 since 6th grade) in case my feet would grow. Let’s just say, I was not popular when it came to clothes.

Once I turned 16 my parents finally let me have my own allowance (the state provide all families with kids a set of amount, about $50 back then) and I felt like I was the richest person on this planet.

The one retailer that I have been loyal to for many years (maybe I am biased since it’s a Swedish company) is probably H&M. One reason was probably since they had and still has fashionable clothes for a very affordable price and that there were an h&m in every corner. Now 20 years after, I am still a loyal customer even though I could probably afford to buy more quality products but somehow I end up at that store anyway (h&m spirit).

If I had a blog that would be about fashion, I would probably call it bargainista. I love buying high street fashion items (affordable but yet fashionable pieces). Although I don’t think I could have a fashion blog, since I don’t dress up as much these days like I used to on a daily basis. These days I have a very basic wardrobe with some more high quality pieces (bags mainly). The reason I am a bargainista, is because I truly believe that you can look super chic without spending too much money. Obviously some things are better to spend money on, like a winter jacket or a good quality purse. But even there you can find great finds if you know where to shop.

The clothes I wear these days have to be comfy, whereas back in the days I would wear anything as long as it looked good. If it ain’t comfy it’s not coming into my closet.

The 4 places I love to shop (in the States) are:

  1. H&M –  Trendy and fashionable clothes with a very affordable price tag. Even within H&M, they have different levels of quality labels, where divided is towards a younger generation, modern classic for your work wear and the trend  label for more quality high fashion wear (higher price tag). I personally love the trend brand.
  2. Zara  –  Zara for me is as trendy as it gets, they have the best clothes that makes you feel trendy without breaking the bank.
  3. Target – I know what you are thinking, who doesn’t love target, but who shops there? ME ME ME, they have so much cute things and the Who What Wear, prologue and a new day collection are actually very fashionable and I even like the quality.
  4. Outlet malls – J crew factory, Ann Taylor factory, Saks fifth ave are just some examples near my Outlet mall. I love finding great deals at these stores and I am lucky enough to live close to an outlet mall.

For H&M and Zara, I shop mostly online since their return policy is great. There are probably more options for affordable fashion stores, but these are the places I would say I find my best deals. The other place I also love is TopShop at Nordstrom. If I want to splurge a little more, I go to stores like the other stories and COS (also a H&M brand with higher price tag and a little better quality in my opinion).

This fall there are a three things a I think everyone should have in their closet:

A white shirt  – ( I have like 5 of them in different materials) and this item can elevate any outfit. Wear it with a midi skirt, or a high wasted pair of jeans or under your cozy oversized cardigan. Always a hit! (folding the arms is the key to make it more chic)

Pictures from pinterest


T-shirt with a print (or even plain) – I loved wearing t-shirts with prints all summer and now you just top it with a cozy sweater or a oversized blazer for a more happening look.

Pictures from pinterest


Midi skirt with cozy sweaters – This is going to be my fave this year. I love love sweaters and you can find great basic once from Zara & H&M. If you want to splurge, a cashmere sweater is probably a great investment that won’t ever go out of style (next on my list).

Pictures from pinterest

So if I ever post anything fashion related, my outfits will most likely come from these stores and yes one day I would love to collaborate with them (goaaallzzzz) but for now I will just tag the items I wear, if anyone is interested.


Stay chic and comfy!




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