Inside and Outside

“Motivate the mind; the body will follow”

Warning, I am no pro at this topic but I can talk about this for hours: working out.

I have always incorporated some kind of workout through my life and thought I share some if my tips. I grew up in a very active family, my dad has always been very interested in many types of sport like soccer, tennis, badminton, cricket, swimming and volleyball. Every summers our family would watch him play various sports with his teams (except swimming). My mom was a short distance runner in school, and growing up she always made an effort to make it to gym classes for group training or the days she was busy taking care of us, she would pop a video from the 80’s (they had the best music and outfits). Nothing would stop her from working out, and if that was not enough she would wake up early, feed us and then put on some cartoon on the TV (when we were old enough to be home by ourselves) and go for an 40 min power walk.

They are now in their late 50s and mid 60s and nothing has changed. I think that’s where I get my motivation to always move, no matter what and where you are in life. Yes, the word in move. Not going to the gym and spend hours or taking classes. The key is to find something that works no matter how much or little time you have. From taking a 20 min walk with or without your baby or doing push ups while baby plays. This applies for people with or without kids. I used to wake up 30 min earlier in the morning and get my workout done pre-baby.

I have always been active in some way, growing up my dad signed me up for badminton and tennis (although I was really bad at tennis) and PE (gympa in Swedish) was definitely my favorite class in school. However, I did not get into running until I moved to the states. I always ran here and there but I was not very good at it and had a horrible pace. Once I moved to the states, I went though a lot emotionally. I had just left my “security blanket” behind, and some other things with good friends that I was not so proud of, so I went though a lot of anxiety.

At that point I did not really know what anxiety was and what it meant (I will write a separate post about that) but all I knew was that, sitting around feeling anxious was not going to help, especially with no job and living in the suburbs. So I started to think about things that felt worse than anxiety and always came back to; RUNNING.


So I started to run (run a lot, almost 5-6 times a week), and it became an obsession and I ran my first half marathon on March 2014 and what an amazing feeling to cross that finish line, nothing can compare with that feeling. I was very fortunate to find a friend to run with, who also was a great runner and we trained 3 months.  Now this post is not about running, in fact, quite the opposite. I always though I would be a preggo runner, but I was definitely not, and in fact gained 50 lb during my pregnancy (half of my weight) and did not feel comfortable running. Till this day, even though I lost a lot of my pregnancy weight, I can’t get back into it. I do run here and there (only 2 miles), but for right now, running distance is not what I want to do (for now, but I will get back to long distance one day).

What is my point? Again, I am no expert at all but working out is not about running marathons or becoming a fit and slim mom, it’s about moving. My best friend in Sweden, lost all her weight by just taking all the baby naps (which was 2-3 naps when they were tiny) by walking. She would use the nap time to walk and be outside, no matter what weather condition it was (that’s more a Swedish mentality though). I think moving in some way that works for you is an investment to yourself and your mental health. Your body will thank you when you get older and I can see that in my parents. Whether it’s running or walking or cross training, gym, home workout, steps, it does not matter. If you are able to take classes, or yoga or orange theory, do that. If you have a gym at work, take 30 min and do that. Or wake up and make it a habit to doing 100 jumping jacks everyday, to get that blood pumping.

So what works for me? Well, I already told you I don’t run long distance anymore and instead downloaded the app SWEAT and I use her BBG program. There are a few apps like this (Tone it up is another). Kayla Itsines, who by the way seems amazing, created this app for people who wants to work full body anywhere using a phone. I use the app at home or at the gym and the reason I love it, is because it allows me to not think as I enter the gym, or go upstairs to Milan’s playroom to work out. She does all the thinking for you (with visual demo). I workout mainly Monday –  Friday and take the weekend off.


I miss working out with my husband, even though back in the days, I never really appreciated it. So he implemented a “family run”. We take our regular stroller (it’s not a running stroller) and go for a quick 20 min run.

So this is an IDEAL week for me if I get a 5 day workout (no week is the same):

  • 8:00 am – Monday –  Sweat app –  Arms; at the gym in the morning before work
  • 6.20 am – Tuesday – Sweat app – Abs; at home in his playroom
  • 6.30 pm  – Wednesday – Family run (weather permitting) – 20 min
  • 8.00 am – Thursday – BBG Challange (no equipment requre)
  • 8.00 am Friday – 30 min swim at the gym

I am very lucky to work very close to my gym, so this would not work for everyone. And like I said above, this is just an example, some weeks, I get 3-4 workouts and I feel as happy.


From week to week, I add in some yoga and classes like Tabata or a high intensity training. The app has really changed the way I workout, but as I am repeating myself, this works for me and the way I operate and my life schedule as a working mom.

Find something that works for you and your schedule and interest, working out is not just about loosing weight, you are investing in your inside as well as your outside. I can see the difference from having very active parents and at their age still going strong. So, if you don’t have time (who has time) or hate going to the gym , don’t worry, that is not what it’s all about, just move, get some cute workout clothes and be active and you will see miracles in your life and mind.

“Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle.”



If you need help with finding easy ways to incorporate a workout that fits your lifestyle or just ideas, contact me and I would love to help 🙂

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