Dinners with or without Peppa

Me and my husband just came back from a birthday weekend trip without our Milano, and as much as I hate leaving him behind, it feels like a little break every parent needs sometimes once in a while.  We stayed in this amazing Bed & Breakfast in Cape Cod, Hyannis called Sea Street Inn where the owner served us this unique amazing 4 course breakfast every morning.

Me and my husband are extremely extremely lucky to have a supporting family that will do anything for our son. It feels like a win-win situation, we get a small break from parenthood and his grandparents get some quality time with Milan (which they love). We also have the best sister in law, who is practically his best friend, so I don’t think he misses us as much as we miss him.

This year, we took a few short trips without Milan. I took two girl trips and two trips with my husband. I am aware that this is something we are very fortunate with and not everyone is able to leave their child behind like us. But these small breaks of 24-48 hours, makes such a big difference for me personally. I personally prefer these short breaks, since I am not ready to leave him for a longer period, but a 24 hour – 48 hour break is all I need to reset.

Since me and my husbands are bad at doing “date nights” on a regular bases. We always end up taking him with us, which I honestly don’t mind it at all. So when we do get to go on these trips, we plan our trips based on one thing: FOOD

For those who knows me well, knows that most of my trips are bases around food and that it’s basically all I do. My and my husband love food and pairing good drinks with it. So when there is a chance to eat without Milan, its nice not to hear Peppa Pig in the background and have a proper adult conversation (even though Peppa is my favorite show ever, I can watch with Milan all day). I have a tendency just to focus on Milan during the meal and somehow a lot of the attention goes towards him. Don’t get me wrong, I love it both ways, dinner with and without him. I just personally think it’s important to make time for both (if you can obviously, where this has been very important for my own marriage) and that way,  be able to have conversations that don’t involve poop and diaper. For my husbands birthday dinner, we went to a 7 course meal place called Ceraldi. Great food, but after course number 5, I was already full. But it was a great experience.

Trust me when I say that taking these individual pictures, is extremely uncomfortable for me. But I am challenging to do it anyway hoping that one day it will feel more natural.

I am glad, we don’t have any more trips without him for a while. I feel like I had my share of fun this year, and feeling very energized for this fall/winter. I do hate leaving him, the mom guilt kills me every time, but as soon as you get to the hotel, it gets a little easier. Every opportunity I get, I remind myself to just enjoy that book that I never get to read, or sitting on a chair in peace at the airport (Milan loves running 5 rounds around the airport).

I am aware that leaving you kid behind is not for everyone, but for us, these small breaks are very appreciated and needed. I know it probably will get harder to do this with more than one child (if that happens), so I am taking the opportunity while we can.

As much as we enjoy trips without him, we also love trips with him. We did a few trips with Milan this year and I during any trip, we obviously have to adjust things after him and and his schedule (feeding times and nap time). However, we still try to do some fun restaurants with him for dinner (even if it’s after his bedtime). On vacation mode, this is a process that works for us:

  1. Feed him earlier (6-6.30 pm)
  2. Change his diaper and into a PJ
  3. Bring his fave snacks and a Ipad (recently we started bringing headphones, cause it can get loud in the Restaurants, and he cant hear anything, which shifts his focus into throwing all the utensils on the floor instead)
  4. Once we leave, if needed change his diaper again, and he will fall asleep on the stroller or in the car (depending where we are traveling)

This is just sometimes, when we want to enjoy a little more not-so-kid-friendly restaurant. Other times, he ends up having Thai food with us and for those times, we make sure to order his food ahead of time, just so that he don’t get hangry when we get there (you don’t want to deal with my hangry child).

This works for us, but I know this wouldn’t work for everyone. I think most of my friends has different routines and ways that works for them when they travel with kids. But as fun it is to have some adult only dinners, I also love bringing him to our trips and still able to eat some good food with Peppa (or BLIPPI) on the side. It just works for us, but we do end up tipping well, since where is always a huge snack mess after we leave.

So, dinners with or without Peppa? The answer is: BOTH since I am fortunate enough to be able to do it. Thank you family!

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