I became a Mama

06.29.2016 will probably forever be the day my life changed. Many parents/moms did tell me, that once I have a child my life was about to change. And oh boy, it sure did but I also feel like I changed a lot after having Milan (for the better).

So why did I suddenly decide to start a lifestyle/mama blog? Well actually, I used to blog 8 years ago (a blog called Made by Jenira), just before I moved to the States and I remember enjoying it a lot, it almost felt like a electronic diary. And as you will get to know me better, you will find out that I love diaries, and journals, and more organizing journals, it’s almost like an obsession. But somehow I am still a very all-over-the-place/chaos person, so that is something I am hoping the blogging is going to help me with. I am a strong believer that writing things down is a step in the right direction.

So again, why am starting this blog? Sorry, I have a tendency to change subjects every 5 seconds. Well, when I became a mom, it was not exactly the story I had imagined, where I found myself immediately and motherhood came naturally to me, to be honest it was quite the opposite. I did not know the emotional and mental stress my body and mind would go through and right as I was about to enter the first stage of postpartum depression, I kind of started to read self-help books that made me realize how important it is to take care of yourself, your body and soul. I then also became a better person and a better mom. I also didn’t know that I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, something by the way I am going to mention in this blog. Motherhood was hard, specially the first stage, between not being able to breast feed and the mother guilt and trying to get back to feel like yourself, it was truly a roller coaster journey. However, now 2 years after, I don’t really remember all that (thank God) and becoming a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am going to go more deeper in this subject in a separate blog post.

OK, maybe I should get to the point.  I started blogging (again), cause I changed my life and my mindset after practicing happiness (Yes, its actually a thing) and taking better care of myself and I just thought that would be fun to share with people who maybe is going though the same thing. Maybe you are not a mom, or maybe you don’t like to exercise or maybe you think meditation is for hippies or that you don’t have time for skincare. Either way, I hope I can make you relate to something, or inspire you to change your mindset about how to live your best life. I am also constantly practicing living in the moment, something I have never been good at, but constantly working on.

I also just want to finish by apologizing if my English grammar is not the best, where that is also something I want to learn and hoping to get better at in this blog. I mean, life is all about learning, and never stop learning, right?

If you are still reading, thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate your support.


Meeting the love of my life



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